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Hello there and welcome to the official 21st Mechanized Infantry Division website!

Who We Are

The 21st Mechanized Division is a Squad Tactical Realism unit that was originally founded by our current leader A.Finest on the 22nd of June 2015. We aim to bring a new level of advanced tactics and teamwork that are both applicable and useful to Squad as well as a strong sense of community that has been developed over years of working together. 

Originally founded on the popular Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality. The 21st Mechanized Infantry Division (21MID) started out small like any other group, but rapidly expanded and soon were able to host our own public and private servers. As a result, every saturday we host an event that all members are to attend. This can range from standard Squad AAS matches to full blown Operations and Missions that range from hostage rescue to WMD recovery. In addition to this, during the weekdays the unit will often band together in impromptu "Server Raids" where we will join a public server and play together.

Our unit currently uses the U.S Army structure where we have ranks that range from Private (PVT) all the way up to Captian (CPT). This is in place to show a level of progression through the unit: Knowledge of tactics & formations as well as to have a clear level of seniority and leadership within the unit.

Whilst our unit may be centered around the US Army ranking structure, we have members hailing from across the globe. Our unit founder CPT A.Finest himself is from Denmark, meanwhile we also have members from other countries such as: United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and Iceland to name a few.

So that is us, the 21st Mechanized Infantry Division. And you want to know the best part about all of this? You can be a part of it too! You will benefit from: Learning in-game tips & tricks from seasoned PR and Squad players, Playing diverse new scenarios only possible with large organized communities, possibilities to play matches between communities to adapt your own skills & the ability to play Squad with a large group of friends, greatly increasing your odds of sucess! To enquire further if you are eligible to join the 21st Mechanized Infantry Division, simply click on the application form at the side of the page!

Listed Below are some Frequently asked questions.


- How active is the community?
Our community is incredibly active, whilst we have mandatory weekly events where we host an event on saturdays, we also encourage members to band together on weekdays for "Server Raids" and to be on TS as a much as possible.

- Do you have a unit structure?
Yes, we currently have an infantry platoon, a training platoon (TRADOC), and we will be opening up an armoured platoon in the near future. When you first join the unit you will be put into TRADOC (training platoon) where you will do your BCT (basic combat training) and it will be decided by Blackout Platoon staff as to which squad you will be placed into. Our squads are generally made up of people in similar time zones, currently we have an EU squad and a US Squad as its much easier for squad leaders to organize their Squad if they are in similar time zones.

- Do we do mechanized infantry stuff?
Yes, we have a range of tactics and doctrines that pertain to mechanized infantry, whenever possible we will try to implement them in game.

- Do we hold unit-wide trainings?
Yes, once a month we will hold an event known as a "Unit FTX" where the company will get together and hold a unit-wide training. Be it a scenario or a just individual Squad trainings. In addition, Squads also hold weekly training sessions.

- How do you progress in the unit?
It's really down to you as a member of this community. Being active, doing your assigned trainings and showing commitment to the unit is what we base our promotions upon. As a result, as you become a higher rank and climb the ladder more responsibilities are given to you. Such as becoming a server administrator, becoming a drill instructor to leading your own fire-team or squad.

- How do I become an administrator on the server?
We only let members with the rank of Specialist and above become server administrators, this means that you have to show some proper commitment and desire to be a part of this community before being given admin status.

- Do I have to donate to join the unit?
No, it's not a requirement as we do understand that for some members it simply isn't possible. However we do encourage everybody to donate to us when they can in order to keep our servers up and to allow us to keep doing unique things with this unit in Squad.

- Do I have to be on Teamspeak all the time?
We encourage members to be on Teamspeak as much as possible, also if you are playing Squad we require you to be on Teamspeak whenever playing the game.

- What if I can't make a Saturday event?
In the event that you cannot make a saturday event, we require members to post an LoA (leave of absence) at least 48 hours prior to the events start. This will then be noted by staff and your squad leaders.

- Does 21MID use mods?
At the moment Squad doesn't support third party content on public servers, however we plan to use custom maps to suit our needs for custom scenarios and missions in the future.

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