Welcome recruit!

Submitting your enlistment to join the ranks of 21MID is very easy and only takes a few minutes. Simply follow the instructions below!

  1. Firstly its a good idea to read a little about us before enlisting. Find out more about 21MID by clicking HERE
  2. Next make sure to read and agree with OUR TERMS otherwise known as our "GEA" General Entrance Agreement. You will be asked to clarify your agreement and understanding of these during the enlistment process. Find it by clicking HERE
  3. If you haven't already. Create a new user here on our website. Do that now by clicking HERE
  4. Next you will receive an activation link, sent to the email you listed in during your registration process
  5. Now login to your newly activated account. Use the formula in the top of the website.
  6. Now you need to write up your enlistment application. Do so by clicking HERE
  7. Finally we recommend that you join our Teamspeak 3 server as soon as you have submitted your application. As you will need to do so anyway for us to conduct your recruitment interview. Join it now by clicking HERE
  8. Once on the Teamspeak server, simply join the "Requesting A Recruiter" Channel and one of our recruiters will join you as soon as they become available. From this point on we will walk you through everything on there.


  • I created an account, but I am not receiving the activation Email.
    • It can take up to 5 mins before the email is received.
    • It may be listed in your spam/junk folder
  • I created an account, but the it says I don't have access to the application?
    • Your account is not activated. Please check your email again for the activation link. It could maybe end in the spam/junk folder.