Welcome to the 21st Mechanized Infantry Division!
Upon reaching this page we assume you want to join the ranks of 21MID. Before applying however, we would like you to read a little bit about who we are to make sure you feel this is the right place for you. You can review our About page by clicking HERE! Additionally we would like you to review our Terms, or otherwise referred to as our GEA - General Entrance Agreement. You can do so by clicking HERE! If you after having reviewed these pages still feel like this is the place for you, simply follow the instructions below! Any questions and/or concerns can be answered by any of our unit members through our Teamspeak 3 Server. The information for this can be found by clicking HERE!

Steps to join 21MID
The recruitment method used by 21MID is a vouching system. Upon applying to join our unit we create a vote in our private quarters where we will vote to recruit you into the unit or to decline your application. The voting phase can take up to 1 week. All applicants must reach at least 3 positive votes within 1 week of voting in order to progress to the enlistment phase. If an applicant does not get 3 positive votes within 1 week. The applicant will be declined.

  1. If you havent already. Create a user here on our website. You can do so now by clicking HERE!
  2. Next you will recieve an activation link, sent to the email you listed during the registration on the website. Simply click the link to activate the user.
  3. Finally you need to fill in your enlistment form. You can find the Enlistment form by clicking HERE!
  4. Imidiately after having submitted your application you will automaticly be sent a PM with our Teamspeak 3 server information. Simply connect to the server. Join the "Requesting a Recruiter" channel and wait for a recruiter to join you.

  • I Created an account, but I am not receiving the activation Email
    • It can take up to 5 minutes before the email is received.
    • It may be listed in your Spam/Junk folder.
  • I created an account, but it says I do not have access to the application
    • Your account is not activated. Please check your email again for the activation link. It could maybe end up in the spam/junk folder as stated previously.
    • Having continued issues attempting to submit your application. Please come see one of our members on our Teamspeak 3 server. Login details can be found by clicking HERE!