Rules Description
No racism, griefing or bullying. Self Explanatory
Be respectful whilst playing on our Server. Generally treat others as you would want to be treated yourself
No cheating. Do not exploit game breaking bugs, intentional glitching, or use third party software to gain an advantage
No spamming. This includes spamming music over VOIP, singing, and spamming via text chat.
No ghosting. IE: Do not feed information to the enemy team.
No shooting in main. Do not throw grenades, smoke grenades, or do anything that disrupts the team in the main base areas.
No Teamkilling. Self Explanatory
Server language is English. Foreign language squads are allowed, however Squad Leaders must have a competent grasp of English over VOIP and Text chat.

Rules Description
All players must join a squad. Administrators reserve the right to kick any players not in a Squad or are AFK.
All Squad leaders must have a mic and speak understandable English. Non mic squads, or free kit squads are not allowed.
No discriminating squad names. This includes racist, or overtly controversial Squad names.

Rules Description
First correctly named squad claims an asset. IE: First APC squad claims a BTR, MTLB or a Stryker
Assets that require a gunner and driver must be properly crewed before leaving main base. First correctly named squad claims claimable assets such as APCs and Tanks. View the full asset list HERE! Assets are not to be used as "Personal Taxi's".

Rules Description
Admin decisions in game are final. If you have an issue with an administrators decision please visit our Server Feedback forum,or if you feel you were banned unjustly, you can submit a ban appeal HERE
No advertising. This means no advertising any other units, clans, or communities on our server.
No one is above the rules. This includes both administrators and players.
Use common sense. Not every situation can be forseen by these server rules, if you think you are doing something wrong, or someone is doing something wrong, feel free to shoot an administrator a message in game, or jump on our discord or Teamspeak 3 server.