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    Operation Red Zara Endex

    MAY 20th 2017
    7pm GMT - 10pm GMT

    The 21st Mechanized Infantry Division conducted an in house operation lasting a full 2 hours. The operation took place in the forests of Gorodok where a small group of prior military Militia had set out to destroy the government. The UN steps in to prevent this catastrophic incident and set out to search for militia weapons depots.

    About an hour into the search a US Stryker comes into contact with a Militia SPG Technical and is forced to retreat. At this point the US becomes aware of the location of a potential weapons depot. A plan is formed to assault the location and after about 15 minutes of fighting the weapons depot is overrun and destroyed.

    Intel comes in that a secondary weapons depot has been located. With just 15 minutes left on the clock before Operation endex. US forces scramble to assault the new location.

    2 minutes and 30 seconds before operation Endex. US Troops reach the AO and is met with heavy resistance by 2 Militia Armored Personal Carriers and a handfull of experienced warriors. This was enough to tip off the remaining US Forces. The casualties throughout the first assault was too heavy and cost too many lives for them to successfully take the objective.

    The Militia has claimed their victory as the US is forced to retreat back and stage for another assault in the region.

    The War is not over...
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