Attention all members of the 21st Mechanized Infantry Division!

We are looking for leadership for Highlander Platoon!

With the imminent release of V9, the time has come to reactivate the illustrious Highlander Platoon! For those who are unaware as to what this is or means, Highlander is our dedicated armour and support platoon, and only members who have achieved the rank of Private First Class and above are allowed to be transferred into its ranks.

Highlander Platoons' initial responsibilities will be to familiarize themselves with all of the armour present in Squad, with the imminent release of V9, this is going to need to be rapidly accomplished as Highlander will be taking over all Armoured and Support aspects of 21MID. This will allow Blackout to focus on their job as infantrymen and allow them to do the role they are designed for. Another responsibility for Highlander will be the role of Engineers. This Squad will be not only a form of specialized infantry, but will also be a Squad primarily responsible for the construction of FOB's, the usage of Mortars, Bomb disposal, Demolitions and ferrying logistics around the map in support of the Infantry. This is primarily to free up Blackout and allow them to focus primarily on capturing flags and fighting enemy infantry.

However before we can implement all of this, we must first look for leadership for Highlander. Initially we will only be looking for Platoon Leadership at first, however once this has been completed will immediately start looking for candidates for Squad Leader of Highlander 2-1. When we do start looking for Squad Leadership for Highlander 2-1, a similar process will take place as is happening now and the Highlander Platoon leader will be taking part in this decision.

The application process for the position of Highlander Platoon Leader will be first a written questionnaire, once we receive a certain amount of applications we will then start inviting potential candidates onto Teamspeak for a formal interview with Company Staff.

If you are interested in becoming Platoon leader for Highlander, we will be looking for a couple of key qualities such as:

  • Dedication and commitment to the unit
  • Able to work unsupervised
  • Someone who is responsible and mature - You will be representing and selling Highlander to all of the new members coming into the unit!
  • Someone with good knowledge of the unit structure and hierarchy.
  • Able to Motivate his men and get tasks completed both on and off the Battlefield.

A full application form for the position of Highlander Platoon leader can be found here:

Anybody from any rank is allowed to apply for the position of Highlander Platoon Staff.

Company Staff
21st Mechanized Infantry Division